Banner - We're Back


We’ve just successfully completed redesigning our online presence so as to allow for more interaction with our users/supporters/friends/fans/followers etc.


And here we are…


Owing to the substantial number of subscriptions on our previous website, we chose to respond by setting up an interactive website that provides more insights about our activities. We also have this really cool blog section where we post our latest news and keep you updated about our future engagements and progress.


This super awesome website will not only be a window into our world, but it will also provide a platform where you can give us your much valued feedback. We’re awfully interested to know what you guys think. Your thoughts, comments and criticism are greatly welcome.


We are extremely enthusiastic about using technology to improve the human experience. What started out as a simple idea, has now grown arms and legs and taken a life of its own. We strongly believe that by making individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa reachable, we will bring about the digital address revolution!


Many thanks. Stay tuned.